Without last weeks erratic posting schedule behold the triumphant return of the monger pic of the day!

Let’s Talk Photography

Let’s just say I know a few things about taking a photo of a girl and leave it at that. One of the funny things I am seeing now is that the images that I have taken are getting comments of they are over Photoshopped and that they don’t look like that in real life.

Umm… Wrong!

What guys don’t get is you run basic shit no matter what. I shoot what’s called RAW format meaning the image isn’t processed at all. It’s basically a blank canvas for me to work off of. Your phone, your cheap point and shoot don’t do this. Some scientist in Japan figured out how to make an image look good without having to process it and called it a day. Those files are jpg or jpeg depending on computer. You really can’t do shit with them because they have been processed already. Nothing wrong with this, just when you are shooting a person you kinda want to make them look their best.

So Do I Photoshop Them

The question I get is do I Photoshop the images I do. Fuck yes! However, not in the sense most people think. I have camera defaults that I select to make sure color and other things are accurately reflected. I do this all in Lightroom which I use basically as a catalogue system. Once I hit that default, I then do some basic adjustments around exposure, highlights, whites, blacks and shadows. I also tone down the skin color because they come out a bit Simpson yellow and Thai girls like to look white.

Then I take the shit into Photoshop and no joke, done in 3 to 5 minutes. I use a cheap blur effect to clean up the more annoying blemishes so I don’t have to hide them later. It also adds a bit of contrast the way I do it. Then I use a 3rd party plugin to remove flash shine from their faces and clean up any other blemishes, whiten teeth and done.

After that back into Photoshop for a dodge/burn treatment (fixing lighting basically) and done.

If the girl has some stretch marks I’ll clean them and move on. That’s it. Sounds like a lot but honestly, I barely touch them.

I go back to people don’t understand that I’m not shooting this shit on a cell phone. It’s a professional rig with professional lighting. So yes, my photos look better than yours and the fact I do this shit so often I have learned so many stupid tricks it’s not funny. So are they Photoshopped, yeah. Do I go overboard? No. What you see is basically what you get when you see them in person. Short of, oh yeah their acme and motorbike scars have been removed. Pretty sure no one wants to see that.

Monger Pic Of The Day

I can emphatically tell you that while this girl is sexy as fuck, she’s been Photoshopped to hell and back. It is what it is. People need to get over is she Photoshopped or not. Reality is you are there to fuck her, not look at every flaw on her body that is hidden when someone takes a photo.