If I was to actually title this monger pic of the day post it would be titties and beer. The beer part will make sense later.


I won’t go into the value I place on titties. We all know it by this point. No, this one is for the big tit lovers out there who I feel I have been neglecting lately so I figured why not.

There is no point not to look at big titties, I mean, they are there to be looked at right? If she says it makes her feel like a piece of meat the answer should be yes. They are meat, mostly fat but what the hell, you are meat. I can look.

I’m sure if you told her you to view herself like a well-cut steak it would not be taken as a compliment. Then again, we are men so who gives a shit.


Now on to the beer part of the program. Today I will be joining a bar crawl as is my want on some Tuesdays. It’s nice to get out and say hello to fellow humans at times. This crawl is mostly expats. It’s lunch followed by a stroll down Soi 6. Mostly we get really hammered and go back to the organizer’s bar.

Shockingly in my years of doing this crawl, I have made it back to the organizer’s bar only once in all this time. In fact, it was the last time I participated. I generally get distracted by something and the next thing I know it’s 6 in the morning and I’m half dead.

Still, it’s a fun day out and I will see titties and beer!

Monger Pic Of The Day

For you big tit lovers out there, here is your salute to titties with this monger pic of the day. While you gaze at an image, I will be playing with them in real life while holding a lovely San Miguel Light beers.