To prove how off I am from the shit earlier this week I thought yesterday was Thursday. That was until I saw today was Thursday and why you get back-to-back monger pic of the day!

One For The Asses

I know, ad nauseam I have discussed my love of tits. Still, I respect a great ass when I see it so I am doing a monger pic of the day for you guys who are confirmed ass men. I still personally don’t see the attraction as a rule.

There is only one girl in Thailand whose ass I can appreciate. When she wears the right pants I’m like holy shit that ass is amazing and I let her know. Still would not go out of my way for it but still, I can look at it. I consider it like a work of art. Look at it from a distance but don’t touch it.

Yes Thais Have Asses

The myth that Thai women don’t have asses is just that. A myth. Thai women come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, are they as curvy as their Latina or African sisters? No! That would be stupid, genetics at work. Asian women tend to be smaller period. So you need to understand you aren’t comparing apples to apples here. Stupid if you even attempt it.

What I am saying is that you can easily find what you want providing you aren’t super anal retentive (pun intended) about what you want. Some guys have unrealistic expectations on the women they encounter when they monger. Sure, you are paying for it but you aren’t going to get everything you want in one package unless you order a sex robot and even then they have fuckall for personality.

Take what you can get and enjoy the fact you are getting laid more than any guy back home.

Monger Pic Of The Day

For the ass lovers out there, this monger pic of the day is for you. It’s nice, it’s worth looking at and go forth and drool all over it. If you need me, I’ll still be firmly in the tit man section.