I sit here trying to write, this isn’t me struggling with words, it’s me struggling with sleep. Had a late night project dumped on me which caused my insomnia to kick in. Nothing says fun like Photoshop till 3AM.

Thai Girl Asses

One of the things I hear for the Latina lovers is that Thai girls don’t have asses. This is the biggest myth ever. Sure, the monger pic of the day isn’t a winner in the ass department but there are curvy Thai girls out there and you don’t have to go on an expedition to find one.

The issue between Latina’s and Thai’s are that they are just flat out built differently. Thai girls are much smaller than their Latina sisters. It’s not that the Latina is fat or anything, it’s as I have written before, they are just physically bigger.

Latina’s tend to be curvier that their Thai sisters as well. Just the nature of the beast. As a tit man I really don’t care. I just wanted to point out the physical differences between the two biggest mongering regions.

Ass Implants

The one thing I thank Buddha for is that ass implants have not taken off over here. The only ones you see with them are ladyboys and it’s a fucking mess when you see this skinny ass ladyboy with huge fake tits and a massive fat ass on top of it. Some of them make Nicki Minaj look like a flat ass woman. It’s fucking horrific and it’s about as aesthetically pleasing as a turd you just stepped in and is now stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Why in the world anyone wants ass implants is beyond me. I don’t get, they don’t make sense and frankly are just freakish.

Ever since Sir Mix A Lot wrote Baby Got Back and the Kardashian’s somehow became a “thing” the desire for a “luscious booty” has hit the full retard level. Trust me, you never want to go full retard but it seems the world is heading that way regardless.

Monger Pic of the Day

So without further ado, here is a nice Thai girl ass. She isn’t going to win Ms. Junk In the Trunk. In fact, I doubt she would be allowed in the competition. It’s not the point, the point is she’s a sexy naked woman with her ass waving in your face and if you aren’t interested then I question your Y Chromosome credentials.

With that all out of the way, enjoy the the monger pic of the day. My bed calls me for a lovely and much needed nap.