Still actually swamped here with work which is weird considering I am retired but life goes on. I got a couple friends doing visa runs to Vietnam and I figured why not show some Vietnamese as the monger pic of the day.


I think I have written before about having never been to Vietnam. It’s on my list but I doubt it would be a monger destination. From I understand it’s expensive and not that easy to really get into beyond some hostess bars.

Personally would like to see the place just because I have never been there. I would do Ho Chi Minh City¬† and hang out and if I happened to pickup a girl great. If I don’t life goes on. Not like I can’t get laid 24/7 here.

The Girls Are Hot

Where I grew up in the States there were tons of Vietnamese girls. My high school was 51% Minority (so in theory majority), and if they weren’t from Latin America they were from Vietnam. Seriously if they called out Hung Nguyen come to the office about 20 dudes would have shown up. No joke.

Maybe my love of the girls came from there. I have actually done a Vietnamese chick. Guy I worked with was Vietnamese and he took me to a Vietnamese brothel that was in DC way back in the day. Without him I would have never been allowed in.

The funny thing was I was banging away on this chick and it started to feel good. I mean really good. She starts in broken English stop and I really didn’t understand. When I stopped and pulled out I figured out why it started to feel so good. The condom had broken.

First time I freaked out. Never had a condom break and I was youthful monger back then. Still in my early 20’s. Now I dread the bastards.

Monger Pic Of The Day

So without further ado, here is a Vietnamese girl. I can’t tell you if the one I banged looked like her or not. It’s over 20 years ago and there have been a lot of women between that time. Still, one day I may do another. There were a few in Cambodia, the one I called Tweak who was out of mind on Ice (meth) so I didn’t do her. Oh well.