Wasn’t in a position to post yesterday. The bar crawl turned epic and I didn’t get home till Wednesday and by then I was wiped out. The sad thing is I picked up some damn cold but monger pic of the day is here for you!

Details To Follow

I’ll hold off on giving the details of what happened on the crawl until Friday providing I’m not dead from this chest infection I managed to pick up. Fucking been healthy since I got back and now I’m sick which just sucks. So I won’t be mongering until this clears the hell up.

However, I will say that what happened Tuesday into Wednesday was one of those epic good times. It’s one of those only in Pattaya things.

Monger Pic Of The Day

I’d write more but honestly, I don’t feel great so I’m just going to knock this out. Enjoy the monger pic of the day. If you are a breast man then enjoy!