I wrote about the weather yesterday, honestly, it’s fucking nice here so I’m enjoying it. However, I know you degenerates want your monger pic of the day!

Bar Crawl

I am heading for a bar crawl today. It’s usually lunch followed by a roll down Soi 6 for some degenerate fun and drinking. I rarely do them because, for the most part, I find bar crawls tedious. With this group, it’s mostly locals so none of the usual dumbshit from guys on holiday. We each do our own thing and have at it. No fussing about.

When I first started mongering I did a lot of bar crawls and then one day I didn’t. I honestly got tired of the group dynamic and the inevitable idiot asking too much or thinking about too much. It’s pussy you are paying for. You need no approval so go forth and stick your weenie into whatever.

With That Said

I believe I have written about my no fucking on Soi 6 policy. I’m fully engaged in the enjoy a fondle and a feel if I’m in the mood but usually I don’t bother. I just like to go around and do my thing. The one problem with living here and Soi 6 is everyone on that soi knows your business. The minute you disappear upstairs, everyone knows about it. So it’s rather tedious and I’m never in the mood to have a discussion about my selection.

Most understand that what you do is up to you. Some just want to know details or want to provide commentary on the selection. The guiltiest party in these is other fucking girls so it’s like for fucksakes, you see countless dicks but you want to worry about where I stuck mine? Pass!

So I tend to do my stuff at gentleman’s clubs or other soi’s that have short time rooms.

Monger Pic Of The Day

I’m sure none of you care about what I do on a bar crawl at the end of the day so I’ll just get on with it. Another lovely Asian for you guys as the monger pic of the day.