Since I promised the monger pic of the day after missing it on Tuesday I present it today. For inquiring minds, I am still, binge watching.

Truth About Thais

People ask me all the time if Thai girls are as crazy as they appear in videos or whatever their imagination conjures up. The answer is fucking no. Not even remotely close.

The first thing you need to understand about most Thai girls is that they are from some poor rural part of the country. They are about as sophisticated as the dogs that roam their land. They know one position and that’sĀ all. Beyond that, they are shy as fuck. You usually aren’t going to get one whipping them out her tits in the middle of the bar unless in Ban Chang or a gogo.

When you run into a wild-ass Thai girl she is either high, drunk, or been working a long time. The rest, good fucking luck getting them to do anything because it usually doesn’t happen. They know the moves to get you hard and that’s about it.

In The Room

For those that you love the farm fresh girl, enjoy. I’m not dealing with that shit. If it is your thing then go forth and prosper. If it isn’t then don’t bother.

Most girls will be as wild as you want once they are in the room. Trust me, they can fuck your brains out and do all the freaky shit you can imagine. They just aren’t going to talk about it in public or be willing to give you a sample either.

While some revert to full slut mode in public after working for a while, the others will do it behind closed doors gladly. They will let out their inner freak and be happy to go along with it. Buddha knows I have done some perverted shit behind closed doors with a rather tame girl in the bar. It’s how you roll. You want it, ask and don’t be shocked at how willingly it’s done.

While money motivates them they do have a wild side.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado, I present the monger pic of the day. Go forth and find your own kinky ass Thai girl and get your freak on!