My balls have been drained, my jet lag has been cured so it’s time for a monger pic of the day!

Happy Valentines Day

For those of you that love the hooker date night and pretend you aren’t paying today is your day! What is more romantic than spending Valentines Day with the hooker you barely know but have “feelings” for.

Valentines Day to be blunt is a made up holiday and was done to sell candy and other useless shit so guys could attempt to get laid. If you are a monger you can skip the candy and flowers and just go pay a hooker. The best part is when you are done she leaves! No fuss.

What Am I Doing On Valentines Day

I guess some of you are wondering what am I going to be doing this Valentines Day. Seeing how I am writing this the day of the plan is this. Go get something to eat for dinner, go to the nearest gentlemen’s club and get a BJ.

Nothing says romantic while spewing a load in a hookers mouth. It makes me feel loved and I feel I am helping the world out by donating 1000 Baht to a single mother. It’s a win/win and a perk of living in Thailand.

Once I’m done I’ll come back to the condo and watch TV. What more could a man want?

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado, I present the monger pic of the day. May your Valentines Day be filled with blowjobs and peace and quiet when you return home!