Hello from Thailand! Least in theory since I am writing this from the US. Still, you get a monger pic of the day.

Likely Happy To Be Home

Provided all goes well I will be happy to be home. This means for those of you that only check the forums I’ll eventually start posting the stuff back in there since I have access to a computer again.

While I can speculate that I am happy to be home I trust myself enough to know I will be happy. Living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks and being in the same house as your mother will wear down anyone.

Near the end it was a struggle to stay sane because your parental unit will always view you as a child no matter how old you are. Plus they still think they know better than you. I have learned it’s a pointless exercise to correct them. Instead I just sit on my ass and let them impress the fuck out of me. No sense in getting pissy if they want to do everything themselves.

Will I Restrain Myself

I already said I am going to Ban Chang when I go back. When this goes live I will just need to make it through one more day.

The reality is living in Pattaya has taught me there is always tomorrow. I don’t need to cram as much as possible into my day because I don’t have to. There is no limit on my time as I wake up in what is possibly the biggest whore house in the world.

So the odds are I’ll likely wait till I get to Ban Chang. It’s special there and getting blown or laid in front of your best friends is something everyone should experience. Why waste money on a room when the barstool will do just as well.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Well enough about me. You all are waiting for the monger pic of the day. It’s the same girl as Tuesday. I kept a theme going. Just looks different due to light. I still like her Hershey Kisses nipples!