Behold the monger pic of the day! Well you will if you scroll down and get through my blathering.

3 Flights And 4 Airports

When this post goes live I will likely be either pulling up to Fort Myers Airport or at the check-in counter. This will start my 28 hours of air travel.

To get my ass home, just like getting my ass here I have to go through 4 airport and 3 flights. This will mean Fort Myers to Atlanta, Atlanta to Seoul, Seoul to Bangkok. Then I have to sit through a taxi ride to get me back to my condo.

While I am not looking forward to it I am looking forward to going home.

I Have Been A Good Boy

There was a moment last weekend where I could have snuck into the local Asian Massage Parlor and gotten a rub n’ tug. I restrained myself and instead focused on my mission which was picking up all the shit I was asked to buy while here.

There was a lot of temptation to do so. Little Spanky hasn’t felt the caress of a woman in nearly 8 weeks. I do feel bad for the first Thai girl that gets him. He’s going to be a rampaging beast. Sure it will likely last all of 3 minutes but I still look forward to it.

The upside is I do have Ban Chang to hit when I get back.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Sticking with titties because I am a tit man as I have declared myself repeatedly. With that said I do love the dark chocolate areola’s on this one. You can’t go wrong with a little Hershey Kisses nipple action.

Enough about that. Think of me suffering on my flight back to Thailand!