After the amazing poignant post from yesterday I return with the always well received monger pic of the day.

Give Me Some Perky Tits

I am a connoisseur of the female breast. I’m not about the huge ones not that I don’t appreciate them. They are fun to play with and motorboat and seeing how I have the emotional reaction of a 13 year old when I see boobs you can be assured I motorboat big ones.

Still, the perky ones are nice to play with. They just stand so firm and high. You usually find them on the younger ones working. The downside is the younger ones can’t usually fuck worth shit. So my strategy is usually to just play with them and buy them a drink. That way no wasted time on a session.

I call that winning.

With Time Winding Down

I will not divulge all that I am planning when I get back. The plans I wrote about earlier have already gone to shit. See what I mean about planning shit out?

With my time coming to a close here in these United States means I will be happily playing with some perky tits in the very near future. I have just 6 days till wheels up. Trust me, I am looking forward to it. It’s been too long since I felt a nice firm pair.

Somehow I have restrained myself from doing anything stupid while here so Buddha have mercy on that first Thai girl that gets ahold of me. I may have to exit to Cambodia to avoid a murder charge. Maybe I’ll be the first to be charged for a death by blowing a load of jizz through the back of a girls throat.

One can dream!

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado, please enjoy this lovely pair of perky tits. I know I have and it’s increased my anticipation to get my ass home as soon as possible.