Behold! The monger pic of the day for the start of the week. I hope I have done you all proud.

Pick A Hole

I’m sure you, well mannered and cultured gentlemen who read this site are familiar with the 3-holer. It’s a timed honored practice among mongers to ask a girl if she will do anal. It’s a nice change of pace.

Let’s be honest here, the poop shoot is usually tighter than the vagina. Mostly because it’s an exit only type of orifice. The vagina was made to stretch. The asshole not so much. That doesn’t say I haven’t see fists and other large items shoved up one over the years.

It’s nice to have options and when you find a lady that is generally into it why not.

Changing Lanes Without An Indicator

I do love hearing stories about guys that like to just slip it in without telling the girl. While I’m a fan of the anal pleasures I generally like to inform my partner. Tear your foreskin enough times and you will discover why lube is highly recommended.

The other issue is if she isn’t what you call “ready” you may come out with a chocolate surprise. If you are one of those bareback members only you are opening yourself up for a world of hurt if you get a urinary tract infection. Trust me, it’s not fun. Think clap without the messy drip.

Generally speaking, best to have the lady on board for the encounter. Just say.

Monger Pic Of The Day

With the very short anal sex guide out of the way I present the monger pic of the day. Go forth and fine a bum you can stuff!