It’s time for the two most viewed posts of the week, the monger pic of the day. Enjoy your perverts!

Mandatory Before And After Showers

I debated on calling this slippery when wet as a header title but lets be honest, I normally live in Thailand.

For those of you that have never had the luxury of traveling to Thailand will never know the before and after mandatory showers in Thailand. I forget my personal record which was like 9 showers in one day but you get the point.

You don’t fuck without a shower in Thailand. It’s a requirement because Thais are anal as fuck about cleanliness and smell. You get used to it. Was a bit of a culture shock coming from primary Latin American mongering.

Knowing that the girl you are about to engage in various depraved act is clean is nice. Least you know the jizz the previous monger left is is gone and you don’t have some rank, jizz dripping mess before you.

The Towel Does Suck

The one thing I despise in Thailand is the towel. The novelty of “unwrapping a gift” loses it’s charm after the 100th time or so. It’s more of fucksakes you are a prostitute I just paid to fuck do you think you could lose the modesty bullshit?

I know some guys love the farm fresh shit where they are shy and barely know how to fuck. Me? I am all about the hardened girl that knows her job and I don’t have to fuck around dealing with inexperience.

So the entire towel thing in Thailand is annoying. You just learn to deal with it and just find girls that usually won’t play the towel game.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without all the cleanliness bullshit it’s time for the monger pic of the day. We have the showered fresh look. It’s a beautiful thing which is why I waxed eloquently on the shower and towel thing!