It’s time for the monger pic of the day. With every naked body I see I am getting more eager to return to Thailand.

The Desire Is Waning

While my time is coming to close here in America. Each day reminds me why the hell I moved to Thailand. With that said, my desire to get a rub and tug is waning. I know I am only a couple weeks away from plowing some Thai girl.

The other reason my cheap ass is just going oh hell no when I think about the prices here. A man should never pay more than $30 for a session. There are rules damn it! Well, ok, likely not but in my world they are!

A Plan Is Forming

I am already formulating what I am going to do once I recover from jet lag. The first day I am likely to do fuck all other than sleep is February 8th. It shall be a day that will go down in infamy. That or just a day I finally get my weenie back into a Thai girl.

Normally I am an evening drinker. Going out later and then wandering back in the wee hours of the morning or some time the next afternoon depending on if I manager to pass out on a bar or not. Considering it’s been liver appreciation month the odds are high it will be pass out a bar this time.

Still, I have my destination in mind and a girl to get the first nut out of the way. After that it will be have a few recovery beers, ok a lot of recovery beers and make a really bad decision because I am drunk and try and stick my weenie into some other Thai girl.

From there its will be all bets are off.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Enough of my future plans. For now enjoy the monger pic of the day. Just look at those nipples!