My left nut (I don’t use it much) for a smoking hot Asian! Please sweet, tiny, baby Jesus may one fall down from heaven and suck my dick! Hence my selection for the monger pic of the day.

I Am Growing Weak

I have been in the Land Of The Free and the Home Of The Retards since December 23rd. Granted the first few days were me sleeping my ass off as I slept off jet lag.

It has actually been longer since I had a BJ by an Asian since I was sick as fuck before I flew out. So my dick is missing the sweet sweet feeling of a mouth sucking the jizz from it’s balls.

During my driving duties I was looking longingly at the Asian Massage Parlors I passed. I was considering a plan to sneak off and get some relief.

I Pity The Girl In Pattaya

I only have a few more weeks to go here. I have another story about my time in America for tomorrow but that will wait. Instead I talked to the guy paying my utilities while I am here. He was reminding me what I am missing.

What I do worry about is when I get to Pattaya is the first girl who gets my load. That poor girl is going to get a blast down her throat that will likely lead to bruising. Nothing scares a Thai girl like not being able to eat. Due to excessive bruising the girl will have to be on a liquid diet. Guess it’s a good thing jizz is protein. Then again, I did have a vasectomy so who the fuck knows what I am shooting.

Monger Pic Of The Day

I guess I will go back to the monger pic of the day instead of discussing my lack of sexual activity.

Honestly when I return to Pattaya I won’t care what she looks like. Hell, the homeless woman that hangouts outside my super market will look good.