I sit here in beautiful Fort Myers listening to popular song reinterpreted as fucking elevator music. So since I’m so relaxed and soothed (not) I am going to do the monger pic of the day!

My Hoedar Still Works

I was driving (had to find my US license funnily enough) yesterday in glorious Fort Myers and sure enough I saw a “lady”. I thought of this line from a book I recently read.

Seen one cracked-out whore walk down G Street with semen dripping from her overused coot coot to the pavement below . . . even I considered celibacy after that shit, so hopefully you would too.

The Glassbreaker Goes Home – Richard Raley

Trust me, if you saw what I saw you would consider celibacy too. This is coming From a guy that has fucked some questionable women, in some questionable places, and had a STD or two.

Just Proud It Works

Living in Pattaya has taught me how to spot a bargirl even a freelancer and in almost every spot. I can tell a non-working girl from a working girl easily. I wasn’t sure if I lost my hoedar because of lack of use in a non-Asian setting.

Sure enough when I saw the girl walking down the street my hoedar pinged instantly. She was dressed slutily, was making eye contact with drivers heading her way. Talked to the “gentleman” at the bus stop as well.

The dead giveaway was when two Fort Myers Sheriffs cars rolled by and she kept walking. When they passed her she spun instantly to check to see if they made a u-turn.

I felt a shimmer in pride that my monger senses still tingled outside my native environment.

Monger Pic Of The Day

My hoedar aside I bring forth the monger pic of the day. It’s an underhanded, leftwing, homage to the ass lovers out there. Double extra bonus points if you figure where underhanded, leftwing, homage came from.

So for you ass men out there. This ass is for you!