The long neglected monger pic of the day has returned! I hope I don’t let you all down with it’s return.

South West Florida Not So Good

I sit here writing this with a sad case of reality. I would tell you it’s still Monday and I have a case of the Monday’s but I don’t do fuckall so that can’t be it.

I’ll just be blunt, the women are fucking ugly. I forgot how bad it could be. I just got so used to hot ass Thai girls running around mixed in with a few smoking hot Russians (still haven’t banged one), and an African or two.

This place is a wasteland of fuglies. The hottest I saw was on Fort Myers Beach where they were all holiday makers. So fuck them! They don’t count. Instead I’m stuck with fuglies.

They Think Their Pussy Is Gold

My brother is aware of what I am and what I generally do with my time. So he asked me how many times a week I get laid. I said it depends on my mood. I’m mainly a BJ guy and I rarely take them home. If I do I throw them out in the morning when I get up.

He looked at me with sad, world weary eyes.

His response was that here they think their pussy is gold and you should be proposing marriage and everlasting fidelity just to get a simple fuck.

I nodded sagely because you know, I am sageilious (I made a word). What I didn’t tell him was that’s because he approaches them as a date. I just would flat out tell them in DC that I was looking to fuck and nothing more. You want more go look elsewhere.

Now what does scare me is having seen some of my brothers girlfriends and the horror show that is available here I would be firing up Pornhub and going for the lotion and tissues. Don’t think I could get it up for a BJ if I tried.

I’ll Write More

Fuck it. I have neglected you all so I might as well keep spewing forth rubbish that pops into my head.

I am aware that Fort Myers is loaded with Asian Massage Parlors (AMP). It’s not my first rodeo down here. However, I’m a cheap-ass anymore so I anything that costs me more than $30 to $45 I take a pass on. Massage parlors start at $50-60 for an hour plus “tip”.

Fuck that.

I might be singing a different tune in a few weeks when Mama Spanky’s arm and doctors appointments thin out and my dick is crying out for attention. I doubt it will care how much and by who at that point.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Too bad I only saw a monger pic of the day looking girl like this on the beach. I’m sure she will still be a stuck-up cunt. Plus having your family with you kinda ruins your game. So I didn’t even bother.

On that note enjoy the long neglected monger pic of the day.