I have managed to post 4 days in a row this week. To keep the streak alive here is a monger pic of the day!

Titties And Beer

I was not feeling great yesterday at all. Likely because the aircon was set too high the night before and I had a fan blowing on me. Normally Wednesday is a day out for me if I don’t go out on the weekend. So I was like damn!

Today I plan on rectifying that and plan on hitting some gogos and doing some other debauched activities because well, I’m bored. I have been cooped up in the condo for too long watching pigeons fuck so it’s time to venture out into the wilds of Pattaya and get laid myself.

Not The Biggest Fan Of Gogos

Interestingly enough I’m more of a beer bar type of guy. I am not that into gogos because you end up having to deal with drink sluts. I do have strategy that works 80% of the time. Go in and order a draft beer. The girls figure you are cheap because you are only paying around 80 Baht versus 140 and up for a bottle of beer. In my case they are right, I am too fucking cheap to pay their stupid rates.

Still, I like to look at the chrome pole princess from time-to-time as they stare blankly into space and gyrate their hips to music only they can hear. Not that gogo music is good anyways.

Monger Pic Of The Day

While the monger pic of the day has fuckall to do with gogos the point is this, she has tits and a vagina, might as well look. Helps when you are a cheap ass who orders draft and you can get a nice long perv for just a few hundred baht!