It’s that time again for a monger pic of the day. I think you all will like this one.

Total Package

It’s not often you find a girl that has everything you want in looks. If you monger long enough you just learn to compromise and go a nut is a nut and move on. If you want something that is perfect than mongering is not for you. It’s damn near impossible to find.

One of the biggest issues with guys that do trips once a year is that their expectations are set way too high. You really are dealing with single mothers 90% of the time so there is usually some baby damage. The other thing is if they were really hot they sure as fuck would not be selling their ass in some whorehouse or online service. They would have already nailed some rich sucker who goes for their looks.

Hookers may not be the brightest bulbs but when it comes to money they are fucking geniuses.

Compromise Is Key

The thing with picking a girl is compromise. If you aren’t willing to do that I go back to get out of mongering. Your best bet is pick one feature you like on all women and go with that. If you are a tit man than look for tits. If you are an ass man then look for asses. Whatever your thing is stick with that.

Once you find a girl with the features you like then it’s just down to chemistry. I’m not saying some long term relationship bullshit. If the girl sits there like a rock when you are talking to her don’t bother. Your session will suck. If you click than pull the trigger.

Don’t overthink just do!

Monger Pic Of The Day

So here is perfection for your monger pic of the day. If you don’t think she is perfect than you are either gay or just have some issues. It’s a trophy fuck so ignore the sitting there like a rock and just bang her!