Since I didn’t do a monger pic of the day yesterday I’ll do one today. Plus this one is too good not to share.

Asian Nipples

Think one of the best things about living in Pattaya is the dark nipples over here. With their darker skin tones their nipple area tends to be darker. They make for lovely targets be it for you mouth or your jizz.

Considering the sheer volume I have banged over the last 15 months or so I think I have a good grasp (pun intended) of the Asian nipple situation in Pattaya, Cambodia and I’m forgetting the Philippines out of principle.

Which Reminds Me

Asians aren’t the sole holders of the dark nipple. In Latin America I would run into it a lot as well. Usually the darker skinned sisters of sin. Mexico tended to be loaded with them as they from further south.

I think the think about dark skin is that it’s such a contrast with my pale ass. It’s just sexy to look at. You have this magnificent little creature to play with for a few hours and she’s such a contrast from yourself that it’s just makes it more erotic.

Monger Pic Of The Day

I am sure you all are tired of me going on about nipples and skin tones. There is also the consideration that I haven’t posted a monger pic of the day in awhile I’ll just post it you all can have at it.