Time again for the monger pic of the day. I’m awake and feeling human for the first time this week. So time for me to have at it.

Pink Is My New Obsession

For the record pink isn’t an obsession for me. I just like girls with colored hair. Don’t care what color it is. I have a real weakness for Thai blonds. The ex was a blond. Which reminds me she begged to come over last night. Guess what the response was – ignore!

Whatever, the point is this. I think by seeing some color in a girls hair it adds variety. Most working girls have some color added be it in highlights or full on dye job. The highlights tend to go from red to purple. The hair I have seen in all hues. As I indicated, give me a blond.

What About The Other Pink

I remember a porn movie title as a kid called Pink On The Inside. It was some black porn film I believe. Whatever, it was a revelation to me to see that yes indeed they are all pink on the inside. Now being a degenerate monger having fucked the major ethnicities of the world I can attest that they are indeed pink on the inside.

What I do miss over here is banging a periodic white girl. Sure you can get a Russian, not that hard. It’s fairly easy but you better be willing to pay some outrageous rate for it. Seeing how I am a cheap bastard I don’t go down that road and I have grown increasingly allergic to Walking St where they are known to frequent.

My next goal is to hit the Indian Gogo. I need to meet up with an Indian friend and see if I can get my foot in the door. I suspect that like many gogos on Walking St that don’t allow Indians in that they won’t let my white ass in the door. Tit for tat so I can’t complain about it.

Still – variety is the spice of life!

Monger Pic Of The Day

I hope you degenerates enjoy the pink! This monger pic of the day is dedicated to you lovers of the pink!


PS – As is tradition I hear a hammer drill and now a sledge hammer pounding on something above me. Would not be a monger pic of the day without it!