Time to return for the monger pic of the day. I have no real description for this one.

Out Last Night

I, interestingly enough I was out last night and the bar owner was fucking hot. Flat stomach and everything. She was like 40 but hot as shit. Me and another friend were having a nice perv on her as she shot pool. It also helped she showed up to fix a problem at the bar and was in tiny little sleeping shorts that kept riding up her ass.

I seriously debated on putting the moves on her when my friend was like she lives with a farang but he’s not allowed in the bar. His description of the guy was he’s a fucking an idiot and not allowed in. I just wanted to lick her body and play with that ass and I’m not an ass man. Her tits, while not huge looked spectacular as well. Nice toned body.

Sadly I returned the condo without her because oh yeah, the girlfriend was due home.

Toned Body

Speaking of toned bodies is kinda the reason for this monger pic of the day. I mean, who doesn’t like a hardbody little lady riding your cock and you just play around with her body? Personally it’s rather fun. Not sure if others share my interest but I do enjoy me a nice view while she rides me. Then again I’m a lazy fuck and rarely change positions. I figure if I am paying might as well let them do the work.

I did read that sex is the same as running 5 miles. Clearly these are energetic fuckers because I just kinda lay there and the most action I’m getting is moving my hands all over her body. Maybe that’s why some Thai girls are so skinny. I should tell them that fucking me is a cheaper option that going to a gym. Just come and fuck me!

Monger Pic Of The Day

With that all out of the way I submit the monger pic of the day for your review. I’m sure we can agree she has a lovely rack and a nice toned body. Reminds me of the bar owner last night. Sadly I will just have to dream it’s her!