I swear I am cursed with hammer drills lately. While I was up, I wasn’t ready to face the day when guy next door fired one up. Still the monger pic of the day must go on!

Sticking With Nipples

Maybe I am on a hard nipple fetish bender that I don’t know about but it seems to me you guys liked the last one. I mean they are nipples. Nipples are always fun to play with!

I would challenge any man who sees a pair of tits not to attempt to play with the nipples. Think about it, when a pair of tits are shoved in your face the first thing you do is try and wrap your mouth around the nearest nipple. Least I do. Maybe some guys are different. Fuck if I know.

Benefit Of Living In Thailand

I should point out one of the benefits of living here is that I have ample opportunities to play with nipples. It’s a common bargirl tactic to get you to play with her tits to get a drink out of you. I’m all for that trade!

Look, if I get to play with tits and it costs me 140 Baht I’m all for it. I call it a win/win. Plus, I am one of those guys that makes sure it isn’t some lame ass tequila shot that she slams in 5 seconds and is out of there. Rookie move and often it’s gogo girls that do it.

When you want to play with some tits make sure she orders a normal size lady drink and then you are in tit heaven

Monger Pic Of The Day

With all that useless information about my tit and nipple obsession feel free to enjoy the monger pic of the day.