I return with the monger pic of the day! I’ll explain where I have been and a bit of news tomorrow.

Struggling To Write

As I sit here and ponder what to write I have a an impact drill going to town on the condo above me. It’s a common enough sound in South East Asia as most buildings are concrete.

What sucks is trying to write something while your entire room is basically one loud ass noise. The worst is when they start in the mornings and you are trying to sleep in. I admittedly am not a morning person on a good day, being woken up to the noise of an impact drill does not make a great morning.

Keeping It Brief

To keep my sanity I keeping this brief so I can get the hell out of my condo and go get something to eat so I don’t have to listen to the damn drill. Hopefully by the time I get back they will be finished doing whatever.

Monger Pic Of The Day

If you like perky nipples this monger pic of the day is for you. If you don’t then I’m sure you can find another region on her body you do like.