While I’m still not feeling great I figure I move on and do the monger pic of the day.

Sticking With A Theme

It seems the school girl thing was a hit. So might as well stick with the theme. If you guys like it I can provide it.

Like I said in the last monger pic of the day is that I really am bored with it. However, to be fair you get sexy stewardess night, sexy office night, sexy geisha night. Fuck it, anything sexy night and the bars will use it to drag the punters in.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of just dressing normal and let me pick up on your personality not your outfit. Then again, some guys just come here to fuck and don’t really care. They are out to stick their weenie into as many girls as possible.

Why Normal Vs Outfit

I said that I prefer girls in normal outfits. The reason is I really don’t give a shit about the outfit anymore. Plus, I think my first real mongering was done in Costa Rica and the girls where jeans and some type of shirt. This is typical all over Latin America.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes normal clothes can hide a lot. Nothing worse than seeing a pair of jeans come off and a giant belly suddenly appear. Or the tits fall down to her belly button. Both scenarios can be real boner killers!

Still, I rather have a normal dressed girl.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado I present the monger pic of the day. You school girl outfit loving guys go forth and prosper.