Returning the slutty school girl outfit theme for the monger pic of the day!

It’s Still Meh

I have seen the slutty school girl outfit pretty much all over the world. Here is Pattaya it’s taken to another level of absurd. Some bars even do sexy school girl night because calling it slutty would just be inappropriate.

The reality is, you see it so much over here even when you are doing something else you really don’t pay much attention anymore. It’s like, meh, yeah, it’s a sexy school girl outfit. After a bit just becomes background noise. Just more shit to try to wade through.

Why Bother

I completely understand why the bars and girls do this. The Lolita fantasy thing. Guys who don’t experience this daily are excited to see something like this pop up on radar. To them it’s new and exciting and a check box on the bucket list.

I can’t tell you when I did my first school girl outfit girl, shit it’s like years ago and was more than likely a stripper out of the US and not in Thailand. At the time I thought it was great. It was something I hadn’t experienced and having been to a private school where everyone wore a uniform it was an experience.

So I see nothing wrong with the concept other than when you see it 8000 times it gets old as shit quickly.

Monger Pic Of The Day

So here you gentlemen (used loosely) go. Your monger pic of the day with the slutty or sexy school girl all for you viewing pleasure!