Time for another monger pic of the day. I really have no idea what the hell to write so just go with me on this one.

Out Of It

I should point out that I am kinda out of it right now. Yesterday I spent the day editing a fuckload of photos and when I finished stretched out on the sofa. That was a huge mistake. This was around 6PM. I woke up at 8 and kinda chilled for a bit but still felt tired so took my insomnia meds and figured I’d be out around 10.


I finally went to sleep around 4AM then my body is like hey bro, it’s 8AM get up. I promptly gave my body the middle finger, took a xanax and promptly passed the hell back out. So not it’s a waiting game for the caffeine to kick in. Buddha bless Red Bull.

Why Write Now

So you may be wondering why am I writing now if I am so out of it? I actually have a busy day today. I need to go to the salon and get my weekly shave. Buddha forbid I actually shave myself. I also need a manicure and pedicure. Hell, even an ear cleaning. Yes, I’m that pathetic that I pay someone to clean my ears.

Then I have to go and volunteer to take some photos at a bar in Pattaya. Then I need to come back and drop my gear and head back into Pattaya to go to a birthday party of a good friend. So I’m on a jam packed schedule today.

Of course, as Murphy’s Law is clearly scientifically proven it means that the night before I won’t sleep at all. I’ll be drinking more Red Bull later. Guaranteed.

I don’t even want to talk about Saturday because I have to get up at ass o’clock in the morning to get my aircon serviced.

Monger Pic Of The Day

With all the blathering out of the way I am sure you are going where it the naked pic? Well behold the monger pic of the day! Who would not want to be looking down on that for that view? While not a fan of missionary just seeing a hot girl spread before you is a lovely view and if you don’t appreciate it you got problems.