The beloved monger pic of the day is returning. It won’t be a long ramble today. I’m tired from binge watching The Expanse.

Haven’t Broken In The Condo

Interestingly enough I haven’t broken in my new condo yet. Meaning, I haven’t had a victim over here. Mainly because I have been busy or the one time I could have I was too drunk.

Now that I have a sofa I have far more options available to me. I may head down to Rompho Beer Bar complex and see what is available down there. The one girl I wanted was older but hot and kept flashing her tits at me. Sadly, as I indicated I was too drunk.

Learned that it’s pointless to barfine if you are too drunk to fuck. So I took a pass.

Not Missing Pattaya

Interestingly enough I am not missing Pattaya at all. Sure, it’s 10 minutes away and a simple 100 Baht taxi fare but I was burned out on going out for the most part. You can only see the same people and do the same things over and over.

Jomtien is a bit quieter and the girls are a bit older but you don’t get the mercenary shit you deal with in Pattaya constantly. No pressure to buy drinks and all that shit. You can actually go out for a quiet night and not come home completely plastered unless you hang out with alcoholics like I do.

Interesting thing about where I live is there are bars downstairs that do a thriving trade. Mostly older guys from the building. No idea how much the girls get barfined but I find it reassuring that it’s but a elevator ride down if I suddenly have the urge for a beer and a blowjob.

Monger Pic Of The Day

With all that out of the way it’s time for the monger pic of the day. I know you guys live for it. Maybe one day I’ll get off my lazy ass and get a girl in here and pose her. With my 12th floor view of the beach and the sunlight coming in I think I can entice some nudity.