Sticking with the no plan theme here we go for the monger pic of the day! Maybe I’ll make it a week without something pulling me off track.

Look Two Days In A Row

It feels slightly weird doing posts 2 days in a row. I haven’t managed to do that in some time. Plus sitting in front a computer right now is something I really rather not do. With a shitload of photo editing over the last few days me and the computer aren’t really speaking.

Nothing says fun like editing a fuckload of photos for several hours. Does wonders to your head because the last thing you want to do is get back in front of a computer and write something for any length of time.

Learning A New Area

With the new and improved Monger Travels HQ now located in Jomtien I have been exploring as my time permits here. There is a small beer bar complex down the road and a night market. If I was into alternative lifestyles there is a also a gay bar complex across the road.

The one downside here is the lack of easy access to a decent grocery store. The one near me sucks ass, I got spoiled by having a Big C 5 minutes away and could wander in for stuff and a meal if I wanted to. Here, I have a bit more traveling to do.

On the upside I have a much bigger place, have been cooking my own meals and generally enjoying where I live. I still venture into Pattaya when I need to but for the most part I just hang out here and have a good time.

Monger Pic Of The Day

You are likely tired of hearing me blather and just want to look at the naked woman I am going to post. All I am going to say about this monger pic of the day is that look at those nipples. It’s enough to make you cry!