This monger pic of the day is dedicated to all you giant tit lovers out there! You know who you are.

Tits Are Tits

I am on record for being a dedicated tit man. Doesn’t matter real or fake. Small or ginormous. Long as they are there I am a happy man.

Too many guys get hung-up on if the girl has silicone or not. Does it really matter? It’s not like you plan on marrying her and starting a family. You are there to fuck, not to fall in love.

To me, if she does her job and does it well, I really don’t care whats underneath her bra, real or natural. Long as I get a nut.

Plastic Surgery In Thailand

One of the trends I have started to see in Thailand beyond the typical tit job, and trust me those are dirt cheap costing between 30,000-40,000 Baht. The latest trend over here is getting ass implants. Which I can’t figure out at all. Thai women are not built for a giant ass yet you see them. Started with ladyboys but now has bled over to their Thai sisters.

The other thing you see beyond the tits and ass jobs are the nose job. Thais hate their flat noses so they constantly get them done. Why? It’s done basically so they can wear sunglasses. I wish I was making that shit up but its true. I have had more girls tell me they want to bang me because I have a beautiful nose.

The other interesting trend is getting their eyes done to look more round. To me it looks fucking freaky. Girl I know had it done and I just stare at her going you look fucking weird.

Monger Pic Of The Day

With this monger pic of the day I hope I make the giant tit lovers out there happy. It’s men who appreciate tits for what they are, not for whats underneath the skin. Doesn’t matter if they are real or not. They are there and meant to be played with!