Since I played catchup yesterday, I’ll give you all a monger pic of the day to start your weekend off right.

Cat Duty Over

I am happy to report cat duty is over. I dragged my happy ass out of bed at the unholy hour of 9:15. Then headed off to the Dark Side and did the cat feed and watering. Cat’s owner’s brother is due back from burning grandma so he’s going to crash there and deal with cats. May Buddha bless him

The reason I had to get up early is that houses in Pattaya have security gates to the property. I had locked this gate so I had to get over there since the brother’s bike was parked there. Now he can get in since he didn’t have a key to the lock. So did that and now done! Least I can enjoy a cat free weekend.

For Brevity

Short and sweet is this post because for whatever reason my connection keeps timing out and I really don’t want to rewrite this shit. I can go and fuck off – meaning back to sleep. I am just not programmed for mornings anymore. I may be up but I rarely do shit beyond move from bed to computer and read the news.

So short and sweet this post will be. That shit rhymed. Cool!

Monger Pic Of The Day

Just a spectacular set of tits on this girl. Not much more I can say other than enjoy.