This might be a miracle in a while, I do a full week of postings! So prepare for the monger pic of the day!

The Innocent Look

I’m a sucker for the innocent look. This doesn’t mean the schoolgirl outfit. It means the I look sweet and charming and you could bring me home to Mom look or the girl next door. In an Asian way of course.

There is something slightly perverted about it because you get to live that fantasy and sometimes the filthiest sex comes from the innocent ones. Just like the best sexy is usually provided the most batshit crazy out there.

Seriously, you want to get your brains fucked out, get one you know is full on psycho and she will fuck your brains out. Just make sure you remove her from the premises immediately afterwards to avoid property damage.

Whatever, give the the innocent yet sleazy look and I’m in 9 times out of 10.

Common In Thailand

I will say that living in Pattaya has slightly jaded me to some extent. I see it so much that I don’t really think much about it anymore. It’s kinda one of the downsides of living here. What used to make you perk up and take a look around, now I just go yeah, seen it. Doesn’t mean my weenie doesn’t get hard, it just means that I have seen it so often the novelty wears off.

Lots of bars try for the innocent look. The naughty schoolgirl is a common uniform in a lot of bars and gogos. After you seen it a few thousand times you just shrug and move on. You need to find the special one that makes you really perk up and take interest.

Finding what does the trick is sometimes hard but one of the joys of living here is that I have nothing but time.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado and the fact I need to actually get my ass in gear and get moving to do some stuff today before the rain hits. Enjoy little miss innocent as the monger pic of the day.