The triumphant return of the monger pic of the day. Sadly there will be no benders this week as I pulled something in my back and to be honest, its out of my system.

On Her Knees

There is something about a girl on her knees that is a complete turn-on for me. Maybe it’s some repressed dominance thing with me. Fuck if I know but it’s sexy as shit.

Living in Pattaya I have experienced this more than a few times and considering I close to a bunch of gentlemen’s clubs this isn’t really a hard thing for me to do. So I get to live out what most only fantasize about. I call that winning.

Then again, I’m moving and will be further way. Should have thought about that….

Why Kneeling Is Important

When you receive a standing BJ there is nothing better than blowing a load on the girls face or in her mouth. I’m more a in her mouth type of guy personally. There is nothing better than watching some girl just take the load. If she’s a real trooper she swallows. Most girls in Ban Chang are swallowers. Gotta love that.

When a girl is kneeling you have options on where your load ends up. If you are pissed at her aim for the hair, if she just put a load of makeup on blow it on her face, or the tried and true like I said, in the mouth.

That is the beauty of the girl kneeling before you while you receive your BJ.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado I present to you the monger pic of the day. On her knees, mouth open, ready to receive. Nothing is finer that.