Last week was the week of the bush for the monger pic of the day. This week will be shaved smooth week!

Nothing Like A Freshly Shorn..

The usual end of the title is there is nothing like a freshly shorn scrotum. However, in this case lets use fresh shorn vagina. That’s right, smooth and hair free.

When I see a beautiful shaved pussy it makes me want to lick it till the owner of said vagina is screaming for me to stop. I like to thank the lesbian that taught me how to lick pussy all those years ago.

With a smooth, shaved pussy you can go to chow town. No need to worry about coughing up a fur ball later.

Shaved Looks Better

To me, at least from the physical look perspective I like the shaved look. When you got a girl with the folded in pussy similar today’s monger pic of the day and it’s all smooth that is sexy as fuck.

Now, if you got a giant set of meat curtains hanging down, may be a bit of a turnoff but least you know you are dealing with meat curtains. No need to get a machete to whack your way through the massive jungle bush. You see them and go ok, time to chew on something.

Whatever, shaved is better is all I am saying.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without further ado, enjoy the monger pic of the day. If you are a bush lover apologies ahead of time. I’ll go with freshly shorn any day of the week.