I’ll stick with “bush week” for the monger pic of the day. Seem’s it’s not a total turnoff to some of you guys.

Still Not A Fan

I am still not a fan of the bush. The two girls I were fingering in Ban Chang were definitely not in the jungle bush variety where you need an industrial chainsaw to find the sweet spot.

With that said some of you guys don’t seem to mind it. If that is your thing I’m not going to stop you. Me? Give me the clear path any day of the week.

What More Can I Write

Seriously, I can only write about pubic hair so much before it gets boring for everyone involved. Plus I’m in the search for a new Monger Travels HQ as my current lease is coming up. Looking for some specific things this time around. Good enough and I don’t give a shit doesn’t it cut it after a year. I want comfort and quality not just a flop house I can crash it.

So if you like bush this one’s for you! I’m personally looking at condos!

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado your final bush pic of the week here for the monger pic of the day. Maybe next week will be landing strip week. Who the hell knows.