I can’t take credit for this monger pic of the day. This one is all krico and his key photographic eye for spotting my dirty (fatty?) work in Tijuana. I mean, who would not want to fuck a fine ass that clearly is labeled as my property?

If I was to wager a guess where this was taken I would say Hong Kong Bar in Tijuana but my second option would be Adelitas Bar. I could be completely wrong. Both use whore house red as their color scheme of choice so it would be tough to call without being there.

Now I will admit to using my photographic skills a wee bit to “clean” this image up. I mean, stretch marks aren’t the sexiest things to look at when you are checking out a chicks ass. Never mind looking at a tattoo with my monger name on it. Still a man can only do so much without reaching for the liquify brush to make that juicy fat ass umm…. not so juicy and fat? I could have but I do have some integrity!

So enjoy this vision of loveliness with my name on it as your monger pic of the day. If you ever see me drunk and saying thats mine please kill me.