Here we go again! I tried this upload before for the monger pic of the day on the host that kicked me off and it didn’t work. This time, well, new host and it works! I got that for me!

So for a special treat I have the monger pic of the day as a monger video of the day. One of the benefits of this new host is I have a lot to play with. Will I go back to the monger video of the day? Likely not. I am just not that interested. Still, I like this video.

I think I should explain. I would love to watch this on a flight home. It’s never happened to me and I have seen a lot over my years. The nearest I have seen was some girl who was afraid of lying wearing tiny short shorts start talking to me. As she grew comfortable she spun towards me and there was little left to the imagination.

I saw everything.

I don’t know if she knew she was flashing me the heavenly gates or not but I don’t really care. It made the last bit of the flight interesting and made this video inspiration for the monger pic of the day.