It’s time to move on. The mourning period is over. Paco would want us to go out and look at naked women and try to engage them in sexual activities for the lowest price possible. So in his memory we go with the monger pic of the day!

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but soapy women are sexy. Shower sex is fucking sexy. Shower sex is a lot of fun too. You can do a lot in such a small space and the human being is such an inventive species. No wonder we have evolved to where we are. We thought up fun shit to do and try!

I personally would volunteer to wash this monger pic of the day’s back any time! I even have a special hose to get into those hard to reach areas. Plus, I just image playing with those big soapy tits! She may need to clean again after I get through coating her with DNA.


Soapy Tits