I return with a monger pic of the day and this time I go with a Russian. Why? I just watched a Russian hooker lose her shit in Immigration and it was rather funny to watch.

Patience Is A Virtue

In Thailand one must understand the absolute golden rule even if its broken by Thais. Don’t get pissed off and lose your shit in public. It’s different if you know, 9 Thai guys are kicking the shit out of one guy, but for the most part, you smile and just shut up and take it.

There is zero point in losing your shit 95% of the time because it will get you absolutely no where in Thailand. This is particularly key with officials who can endlessly fuck with you.

While patience and me aren’t on the best of terms, I have learned to just shutdown in these situations and just play with my phone or people watch. In this case, people watching was a lot of fun.

40 Minutes

I needed what’s called a Residence Form to transfer my bike into my name. The one I had was declared invalid because my visa stamp had changed since I came in from Cambodia. So I had to go get a new one. With the Buddhist holiday last week there was no way I was going near Immigration because it was going to be rammed.

I picked up my form, filled it out and go my number. Walked up to the counter, gave the lady my paperwork (I know the process cold) and paid my 300 Baht and was told 40 minutes. I had already spotted the Russian hooker because I have a thing for Russians. Considering it was Immigration I looked and promptly moved on.

Quick walk to 7-11 and got a bottle of water and killed some time and worked on my tan. It wasn’t like I could rush the process along so might as well just fuck off and do whatever while waiting.

Over An Hour

This is where things got fun for me. I came back into Immigration and grabbed a seat and just was reading the news. I was near the counter so I could hear the numbers being called out to pick up my form.

At this point the Russian hooker lost her shit and I could see it coming because she had been there longer than most of us. She went to the counter and started demanding why is it taking so long for her. Others had come and left but she was still waiting. What is your problem? Why are you so slow! It’s been well over an hour!

I could just see the Immigration lady inwardly smile. The Russian just fucked herself royally. You wait whatever it is you wait and life goes on. Her answer was, we busy still working on it. Yet, clearly, this lady must have annoyed them earlier because again, more forms were called out and she was still sitting there.

Picked up my form and I was out there! Sure, it took 50 minutes but I can live with that. Key thing was, I didn’t piss anyone off.

Monger Pic Of The Day

The monger pic of the day is dedicated to that angry Russian hooker who clearly hadn’t picked up pissing off a Thai official isn’t in their best interest. Maybe I should have offered her a quick 1000 Baht for a BJ to calm her down and take her mind off her waiting. Then again, I’m not that stupid and it’s Immigration and I rather enjoy living in the Kingdom of Thailand.