I maybe missed doing this post yesterday. I traveled to Phnom Penh and then promptly fell asleep. So I missed the monger pic of the day.

Khmer Girls

Khmer girls tend to be darker than their Thai sisters. This doesn’t mean they are less attractive, just darker. Personally I like the darker contrast between my pale ass and their skin.

The thing with Khmer girls is they are much shyer than their Thai sisters, mainly because the scene is much smaller and the police regulate it more heavily so you won’t get all the hands on fun you can get in Thailand. It’s still a lot of fun to play around with them.

They Don’t All Barfine

The one problem is that not all the girls barfine here Phnom Penh. You have to invest a drink and then you start the line of questioning and just get directly to the point. If the answer is no, punt her quickly and move on. No amount of drinks is going to change her mind and all you have is just pissed away money.

This isn’t to say all the hot ones don’t barfine, they do – trust me. I have seen some stellar ones out with guys on my previous trip and even last night. So don’t worry, just come and enjoy, but remember to ask first.

Monger Pic of the Day

While not as racey as the typical monger pic of the day, it gives you an idea of some of the shyness of these girls but also their pure beauty. Honestly, there are some sweet girls here if you want to take a visit to Cambodia.