Little off the beaten path with this monger pic of the day but I wanted to show a recent trend I have seen in the Asian catering gogo’s, the cosplay looking girl.

WTF Is Cosplay

Cosplay is basically dressing up as anime or comic characters. Started in Asia, Japan specifically then kinda went international after that. Guys seem to like it and it’s a different look so it draws interest.

The Thai girls are smart and know that Asians are normal overpayers and not very demanding customers. So they will style themselves to draw them in. Can’t argue with an easy payday.

So you see more cosplay looking girls and like I said, the gogos up on Walking St and a few on Soi LK that cater to Asians have lots of girls going for this look one way or another.

Whatever Works

Considering the shit I hear sitting around a table in a bar, I don’t judge if you want your girl to look like some anime character. We all have our little fetish so who is anyone to judge someone else with what gets them off.

Personally, some of the girls are fucking hot. I’m not paying their expensive ass fees from gogos which can get outrageous, barfines at 1000 or 1500 plus 3000 or even 4000 thousand Baht for the girl.

In the end it’s pussy, not paying it because I can easily get the exact same result for 1000 Baht and not have to pay anything more. Sure she doesn’t look like a anime character but I’m not that worried about it.

Monger Pic of the Day

So without further ado, here is the cosplay monger pic of the day. If it turns you on great! If it doesn’t! Well, least you can say you have seen it!