It’s Thursday and it must mean monger pic of the day time again. My internet has gone to shit so this one is going to be short.

Still In Cambodia Mode

Still gearing up for my Cambodia trip. Looking forward to it so I’ll finish out the week with nothing but Cambodian girls for the monger pic of the day.

I really am looking forward to going and checking out Cambodia. Will be a good trip. Some of it will be solo and other times will be with friends. Since my schedule is flexible I can do what I want.

Shit Internet

The reason for this brief ass post is my net has crapped out most of the day. Was working then all of the sudden it went to shit. Welcome to Thailand where reliability of internet isn’t a foregone conclusion.

I take back about what I would miss the most about the America and it was Tijuana, instead I miss my 50mb up/down fiber connection. It was stable and I never had problems with it. Here, not so much.

Monger Pic of the Day

So it concludes with the monger pic of the day. Enjoy another slice of Cambodia.