Writing with a lot less enthusiasm than normal. Haven’t been feeling great. So forgive me if the monger pic of the day post isn’t up to standard.

It’s Warm Here

From what I understand the rest of the world is freezing cold and you are all going to die from front bite or exposure. Here has been mid to high 80’s and for you in the farenheit world and in the celcius world mid to high 30’s. In all pleasant.

I am completely acclimatized to Thailand now so I rarely notice the weather unless I am doing something that requires me to move about a bit. This includes not being in aircon as well, when I walk out the door I don’t break into a sweat. My body just goes oh, not horrible. I can handle this.

It’s All In The Aircon

For those of you visitors coming into a tropical climate let me give you a piece of advice. It’s all in the aircon settings. Lots of you walk into a room and set the thing at 18-20C and guess what. You are going to get sick.

My advice to you is set your aircon to around 25C and leave it. It’s about 77F and while it may seem hot, trust me it isn’t. Especially if you have a fan going. The thing is your ass is going to go out into the blistering outside heat and your sinuses are going to go into overdrive trying to compensate for it.

I have seen more guys get “sick” when all it is all but from setting the aircon to some ridiculously freezing temperature like 17 or 18. Trust me, I used to come home with a sinus infection every time until I learned this happy little rule. It’s one that stopped me from getting a sinus infection. I would come home sick from dehydration or some STD but never a sinus infection.

Monger Pic of the Day

So yeah, while you all freeze your ass off I could in theory walk to the pool in my condo complex and watch the bargirls frolic in the pool if I was feeling up to snuff. Right now, I just want a bit of a lay down and a snooze.

Enjoy the monger pic of the day. Maybe it would warm you up.