Going with a Khmer girl for the monger pic of the day as a change of pace. That and I’m gear up for a trip over there next month.


While some readers of this site question when did I become a pothead, let’s be honest, Cambodia is generally not on the monger map. I went to Cambodia to check it out over there, I knew weed was legal my first trip and I spent a lot of quality time in the Red Fox Bar on 136 Street I did do other things.

There is a thriving hostess bar scene in Phnom Penh and $40-60 gets you laid. I mean, there was a midget one night if you want to go back and read my trip report!

Plus there are the skanky freelancers are Golden Sorya Mall. Not 100% sure the status of that but what isn’t to like about a $10 skank?

Down Side Of Cambodia

There is one thing I don’t like about Cambodia mongering. When you walk into a lot of the hostess bars you get like 7 or 8 girls staring at you. They would like you to buy them a drink. Telling them to give you a few minutes while you make up your mind is pointless. Usually the ugliest one will fuckoff to get your beer and you got the rest staring at you. When the beer comes they continue to stare. Then ask for a drinks.

Coming from Pattaya where drinks are completely up to me and you don’t get 8 girls staring at you this gets annoying real fucking quick. I learned to deal with it quickly by just saying, not happening, not buying drinks now please move along because you are blocking the view! It’s easier with a group but when you fly solo you need to channel your inner monger powers and tell them to fuck off quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a pack of hot women staring at you. It’s just annoying when you walk into a bar and you have to beat them back like fucking monkeys trying to steal shiny shit from you.

Monger Pic of the Day

While I haven’t figured out how long I am going to be in Cambodia, I am looking at at least 9 days with possibly 14. Multiple destinations are on the itinerary and I plan on hitting a Vietnamese girl this trip. Why? Because I can. Sure I’ll pay an import fee but mongering ain’t cheap in Vietnam from all that I know.

So enjoy the monger pic of the day. If you are over in South East Asia on an extended trip, check out Cambodia, you will enjoy it.