I am having a bout of insomnia right now so I figured what the hell and write the monger pic of the day post. For some reason I wanted a big titted Thai girl mainly because one has been messaging me lately.

Tits & Insomnia

No real reason why I have went with big tits, to be honest I have been binge watching Magnum P.I.¬†and none of the girls have massive tits in the episodes. There are some sexy ass Hawaiian girls as extras or even “guest stars” but none have huge tits.

You might be wondering why the hell am I suffering from insomnia and binge watching Magnum P.I., because I fucking can! With New Years half of Pattaya is still hungover and while I imbibed a beverage or 3 on New Years Eve I was in bed by 2 because mainly my tolerance is shit now for various reasons. So why not sit around the room and watch TV? Plus it’s a good show.

Part of my retirement plan is doing all the useless shit I never could do before anyways. I have work later this week to make up for it, rest assured.

Big Tits & Thai Girls

Here is the thing about Thai women, they tend not to have big tits. Don’t ask me why. When you get one with a nice set you appreciate them. The word for tit is nom if you want to say big tits you say nom yai (tit big). The problem here is mostly foam yai – fucking padded bras. These things are evil and fuck whoever invented them.

Living here now I can spot foam yai’s easily anymore. If I am in doubt I just give a press on the titties and the minute I feel my finger start to sink into the foam I know that it’s not real. Not, saying I hate small tits, just saying that padded bras are just false advertising. I get it why the girls do it but for guys that aren’t aware, those nice looking B or borderline C cups could be nothing more than A’s pushed up and foamed out.

Monger Pic of the Day

You can tell with this spectacular pair that there is no foam yai going on. The girl has a rack like you would not believe. Real too. A lot of the gogo girls are going the silicon route these days and the tit jobs range from good work to cut rate garbage. If you like siliconed out girls head to Queens Club on Soi LK Metro. You will get a dose of all the silicon, well saline you can handle. Most are in the 300CC range with a few going to 350-380CC. Due to some exhaustive field research and just bluntly asking I generally can nail the implant size now.

If you want natural, enjoy the monger pic of the day below.