I am surrounded by beautiful brown women. Yet, I find myself looking at how white girls that walk by so I guess this is the reason for this monger pic of the day.


I guess I have always thrived on variety and back in the US there was an endless supply. I could fuck anything provided I either put the time and energy into it or just paid the fee and moved on.

Here? The fee for a Russian is staggering and I’m a cheap cunt that won’t pay the going rate for them. The African hookers do a killing business and I admit some are super sexy. They get taken quickly and the rest are dregs of humanity who go with cheap bastards like me. I have standards.

That leaves the Russians and a few European girls over here on holiday.

The Holiday Makers

Sadly my honey trap, known as the bar I manage, doesn’t allow much for variety. It’s mostly Thai women that come in. If I told you I sat around a table having 4 Thai women feeding me drinks last night you would call me a liar. Believe what you want. Even when when one was pulling her titty out to squeeze imaginary milk out of her 380cc silicone tits. It’s not a bad life, just saying lacks variety.

I don’t get the hot girls on holiday, my bar isn’t a gogo where they frequent or a more open beer bar where they can have a better view of the Gulf of Thailand or more people watching.

So there isn’t a lot of variety going on in my life. Not complaining, god knows I like Thai women, why I moved here. Just sometimes, a change of pace is good.

Monger Pic of the Day

Yes, she is white. She is standing in a bathtub and is dripping with water. I think she’s sexy as hell and why she is the monger pic of the day. Remember, variety is the spice of life. Now, I just need to find a cheap Russian hooker.