Well I am back and 90% healthy. Still on medicine but getting better. So I return with a monger pic of the day. Stocking and all!


I am not a huge fan of lingerie, just gets in the way of shit. Now stocking? Idea I can bless and get behind. The add a certain something to the girl, don’t interfere with shit, and you get some texture to her legs while you are banging her provided you aren’t a lazy bastard like me and just make her get on top. If you are acrobatic then hey, stockings rubbing your shoulders.

So stockings get my vote.

Gogo Stockings

Interestingly enough in Pattaya, lots of girls in gogos wear stockings. Maybe nothing more. Depends on the gogo and so on. So you see a lot of them here. The shit part is unless you tell them to bring them with them they will change in the bar and leave them in their locker.

Girls don’t actually like wearing their “work clothes” out of the bar. Sure you will see them wearing robes going to get food and 7-11 but you won’t see them out of the bar if they are off or on a barfine. Just doesn’t work that way.

So if you like stockings, Pattaya has them plenty. Just remember to tell her to bring them with her!

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado, plus I’m hungry and need to eat because of my medicine, behold the monger pic of the day. I like her, nice tits, sexy stockings, almost like a present to yourself.


sexy stockings