Since my little fuckup yesterday where where I clearly forgot to post, today is now monger pic of the day.

Freshly Shorn

I believe the last monger pic of the day was dedicated to the muff. This time, it’s dedicated to the freshly shaven and well groomed girl.

I love a shaved girl. It makes dining at the Y a much better experience. When the girl is that smooth it’s like sliding off a freshly waxed floor. Plus, when you jizz on it you can see your artwork so much more clearly.

Smooth As Silk

For me, the the shaven girl is just much more attractive. When you get to fondle a girl in the bar and rub your hand on a freshly shaven beaver it’s just like running your hands over silk. Feels great.

I’m sorry, feeling a hairy bush is just a turnoff when you are going down to play with some girl in a bar. You gotta weed whack your way through a thick jungle just to get to the good part.

Monger Pic of the Day

Rambled enough about my love of a freshly shaven girl. So go forth and look at the monger pic of the day.