It’s time to talk about the muff and how it’s actually very common over here in Thailand. So that is the theme for the monger pic of the day.

Not A Fan

I am actually not a fan of the muff. I clean a clean shaven area that I can lick and not worry about picking hairs out of my teeth later. Personally, when I see a hairy muff I cringe because I really don’t want to munch on it because I know there is hair involved.

You guys that like the muff clearly aren’t pussy eaters. There is nothing more unsexy than having to pull hair out of your mouth while you are going down on a girl. It just detracts from the experience.

For Your Muff Lovers

If you like muff then by all means have at it. Again, I can’t see you going down on a girl but to each their own. I knew a guy who went out of his way to find girls with muffs. Part of his interview process.I guess there is something sexy about it provided you aren’t planning on going down on it.

Shocking thing is here in Thailand more girls have a muff than you think.Thai women aren’t hairy to begin with but be surprised that the number rocking the muff here in Thailand.

Don’t ask me why they have it but they do. Unless you are in a gogo and see the girl naked you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado here is your muff for you muff lovers. Have at it and go to town. Me? I’ll take the shaved any day.


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